Why Archie Thompson Is A Voice For Change

Voice For Change is a brand new community-focused project by the Mushroom Group to inspire young people to follow their dreams and ambitions. The initiative centres on overcoming adversity and the power of music to change lives. We’ve assembled a diverse collection of Australia’s top urban music, hip-hop and sporting personalities, including chart-topping rappers and sports stars from diverse and multicultural backgrounds, and will be rolling out a series of inspirational videos that feature our #voiceforchange advocates sharing their personal journeys and challenges including racism, feelings of disenfranchisement and social inclusion.

Australian professional footballer Archie Thompson is featured in episode 7 for Voice For Change. A leader in both the sporting arena and his local community, Archie is an advocate for inclusion and encouraging youths to follow their creative or supporting pursuits.

What artists did you listen to growing up? Why did they (did they not?) inspire you?
I listened to a bit of everything growing up. There were plenty of car trips to and from soccer games for me and my family where we’d have music playing the whole time. We were having a laugh at R’n’B Fridays with others involved in VFC about listening to MC Hammer back in the day.

Other than sport, what are your passions? How did you discover them?
I’m also passionate about media – since my time playing football full time, I’ve taken to media to get involved behind the scenes and chat around football more. I think you get into this when you’re playing sport and often interviewed or doing press conferences. It sparked my interest and allows me to still be involved in football as much as I can.

What does it mean to you to be a part of Voice for Change?
I’m proud to be part of VFC – it’s an important program that has allowed sporting people and hip hop artists to share their inspirational stories to motivate youth. It’s great to be involved and talk about how important creative or sporting pursuits and community engagement is for today’s youth, and inspiring youth to realise their goals, dreams and go after them.

What do you believe needs to happen next, in order to support adverse youth and educate communities?
We need to create a sense of inclusion to support these youths and an awareness of the great things they can achieve. Keeping them engaged whether it be through sporting or music workshops or mentorship & education opportunities, these youths need something to actively participate in and people to look up to – to keep them focused and looking ahead.