A Few Things You Need To Know About Brightness

Brightness is the musical project of Alex Knight.
– He’s the latest artist to join seminal label, I OH YOU.
– Knight grew up in Lake Macquarie, a few hours north of Sydney and in the depths of thick Aussie scrub.
– His first song was recorded on a water-damaged four-track cassette recorder and he sold it to his mates at school for canteen money.
– Knight made the move to London, he lived there for six years.
– As well as a musician, he’s worked in pubs, dismantled European cars, sailed expensive yachts across oceans to their newfound owners            and professionally cleaned windows.
– He’s also a drummer and toured the world with various bands.

– London became a difficult time. Knight retreated to the dark of his flat, unable to get escape his self-made confines.

– Knight returned to his hometown not long after and finding solitude in his musical companion.
– He began writing songs to free himself of undesirable emotions and make sense of his surroundings.
– Intimate and engaging, his debut LP Teething wrote itself.
– Knight played and recorded all the instruments himself.
– His lyricism is heartbreaking. Yet it’s delivered in a scuzzy up-beat half-strum with an air of hope and comfort.
– It’s like he’s listening to you, whilst you’re listening to him.

– ‘Oblivion‘ is the first single to be officially released.
– It’s about “witnessing somebody mentally unravel and being unable to help them.”
– The video is directed by Mclean Stephenson. The montage was filmed in Knight’s backyard over the course of a few days in the relentless heat.

– Teething will be released later this year.
– From darkness, Alex Knight found Brightness.