From Rare To Most Cooked – The Best Videos We’ve Watched This Week

From Rare To Most Cooked – The Best Videos We’ve Watched This Week

From kissing couples, to a bizarre story of acceptance from three wacky cowboys.

Words by Hayley Franklin

Kelela – ‘LMK’

The edgy R&B princess from Washington D.C. has delivered an intricate new track littered with trap beats, pounding bass and impossibly high vocal trills, a fascinating hint from her upcoming debut album Take Me Apart, which is due to drop on October 6. Complete with a charmingly ’90s R&B film clip (think spicy choreography, cut-out costumes and interesting wall textures) this nocturnal banger is just poppy enough to get stuck in your head all night. Catch Kelela when she tours the east coast with The xx in January.

City Calm Down – ‘Blood’ (Live)

Gearing up for their national tour, Melbourne collective City Calm Down have shared an intimate live rendition of their latest track ‘Blood‘. The video is suitably dark and moody for a song about frustration and fatigue, but it’s dappled with licks of red, pink and purple lighting, acting like sunflares across the beautiful shots. Add to this the warm raspiness of singer Jack Bourke’s voice and this version of the fierce track sounds sadly tender and comforting. Catch City Calm Down in Perth this month and up the east coast in September.

Lorde – ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’

Pop queen Lorde dropped six stripped-back videos on Wednesday, from her massive second album MelodramaFilmed at Electric Lady Studios, where the album was recorded, they offer a more nuanced view of Lorde’s quirky pop tracks. ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’ features Lorde and a small circle of girls singing an emotive acapella version of the sensitive first half of the track, before popping in a cassette and joyously busting out to tongue-in-cheek ‘Loveless’. Lorde’s huge Australia/New Zealand tour is coming up this November, in the meantime there’s another five videos to get through.

LCD Soundsystem – ‘tonite’

LCD Soundsystem have taken us back to a bizarrely new wave ’80s chock full of analogue synths, vocoders, reel-to-reel tape and a rotating stage for their latest track ‘tonite’. With lyrics that read more as a commentary on music and life, this obscure track draws you in to its strange world with all too relatable lines like “you hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth, but you stood in the background until you get older”. The electro legends blew our minds with their massive shows last month, and we’re sure they’re about to do it again when their new album drops very soon.

Slum Sociable – ‘Castle’

Melbourne duo Slum Sociable have reeled us in with a darkly soulful new track ‘Castle’, the second glimpse at their incoming debut album. The slow-building track ventures into grimier territory for the soul/jazz/electro boys, as rumbling rhythms and squealing synths underscore Miller Upchurch’s emotional vocals. The minimal video features an intimate performance from the duo, as dramatic lighting heightens the intensity of the gritty track. Their self-titled album is expected to drop on October 13.

Gordi – ‘Bitter End’

Gordi has shared another track from her debut album Reservoir, a soft ballad about small worlds and the bigger picture. The video is quietly spectacular, starring a pensive wooden puppet who journeys through a small world of dappled lighting to a final place of comfort and rest. But most interestingly, the viewer can share this journey either in the usual 2D video form, or in 360 degree VR, as one of the world’s first multi-platform music videos. Reservoir is out on Friday, 25 August.

Wolf Alice – ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’

As if the achingly beautiful track wasn’t already enough, Wolf Alice have released a video for ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ that is too cute to handle. Following an impossibly attractive couple on their public transport journey’s the video features an endlessly sweet montage of kissing, dancing, fighting, eating and cuddling. It’s the perfect heart-fluttering accompaniment to the bittersweet track of yearning. Wolf Alice’s second album is set to drop on September 29.

Kirin J Callinan – ‘Big Enough’

The master of poor taste has dumped a real whopper on us this time. A love story between cowboys, incredible cinematography and a screaming Jimmy Barnes. Cooked or genius? There’s only one way to find out.

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