The 7 Best Songs We’ve Found In The Last 7 Days

Words by Hayley Franklin

Julia Jacklin – ‘Eastwick’

Julia Jackin has gifted us with a beautiful ballad-come-rock song in the form of her new single ‘Eastwick‘. Her sweet voice wavers soulfully over melancholy lyrics about disillusion and the desire to escape. Following the biting lines “You are not in the wild, you are in a pen / a forgotten sow wondering when you can run,” Jacklin rips out some noisy, distorted guitar, in a blissfully powerful and freeing outro that lasts over a minute but you wish would never end.

The Creases – ‘Is It Love’

This mesmerising first glimpse at The Creases‘ anticipated album Tremolow is full of indie pop goodness. Featuring an addictive mix of jangly guitars, catchy chanting, super funky basslines and a sprinkle of shimmering brass, this latest offering from the Brisbane rockers is kept effortlessly cool with singer Joe Agius’ signature drawl. It’s bound to be a floor-filler when they support Bad//Dreems on their national tour this month.

ALTA – ‘Fix It’

Beginning with beats sharper than Hannah Lesser’s cutting lyrics, Melbourne duo ALTA‘s latest offering ‘Fix It‘ is an instantly recognisable dance-pop track. As Lesser’s crisp voice croons “it’s all done … nah don’t fix it” her partner in crime Julius Dowson weaves crackling synths and snappy beats into a jagged and distinctive body-moving tune.

Gordi – ‘Heaven I Know’

Gordi has returned with a sensitive alt-pop ballad ‘Heaven I Know‘. Parred-back to a whispered 1 2 3 count, smatterings of keys and brass and Gordi’s heart-rendering voice, the song makes a mark for itself by introducing a quirky stack of production tricks. From rumbling sound effects to an artistic use of auto-tune towards the end of the song, Gordi proves herself to be more than just another sad songstress, as her manipulation of sound qualities creates a unique brand of progressive pop. Definitely one to watch.

City Calm Down – ‘Blood’

With the announcement of a national tour and their anticipated second album, Melbourne post-rockers City Calm Down have released a punchy track fueled by exhaustion. ‘Blood’ is a driven and eclectic tune, with post-punk verses, big pop hooks and Jack Bourke’s classic baritone voice. It’s a little bit mad and a little bit angry, as the track responds to the struggle of balancing a day job with band commitments. City Calm Down may be exhausted but this banger is chock full of energy, exciting stuff to come!

Geowulf – ‘Get You’

Aussie ex-pat duo Geowulf have dropped yet another seductively synth-laden single, ‘Get You’. With singer Star Kendrick’s blissful pop voice singing sweet, romantic nothings over Toma Banjanin’s magical combination of surf guitars and playful production, the dream-pop duo’s latest offering creates fizzy summer vibes, even in the middle of our winter. We don’t know what to expect next but whatever it is we can’t wait!

Lorde – ‘Perfect Places’

New Zealand’s pop queen Lorde has shared a third track from her highly anticipated sophomore album Melodrama. ‘Perfect Places’ is a dynamic track that leaps from minimalist snappy beats to an ecstatically soaring chorus, guided the whole time by Lorde’s soulful and distinctive voice. What seems like a party anthem on the surface (and in the irresistible groove of the chorus), is actually a scathing critique of the futile search for “perfect places”, with jarringly realist lines like “Spill my guts beneath the outdoor light / It’s just another graceless night.” As yet another example of Lorde’s smart and mature songwriting, the most impressive part of the song will be the throngs of people still dancing to it on their own graceless nights.