The 6 Best Videos We’ve Found This Week

The 6 Best Videos We’ve Found This Week

Words by Phoebe Robertson

Tiny Little Houses – ‘Medicate Me’

Melbourne four-piece, Tiny Little Houses have just dropped the video for their single ‘Medicate Me’. The single comes from the band’s second EP Snow Globe, which they released late last year. The song itself is about running into someone you’ve finally moved on from – only to be flooded with all the emotion you thought you’d left behind. Directed by Marie Pangaud, the video features a group of young women who have taken the place of the band mates and is shot around the grounds of Avila Vista in Curlewis, Victoria. A simple yet sweet clip, Tiny Little Houses have conjured some real summer vibes.

Goldfrapp – ‘Anymore’

Goldfrapp, A.K.A Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory have dropped their clip for ‘Anymore’ and it’s a truly stunning sight. Soaked with strident strands of underground electronica, sensual melody and metal machine pop, the single itself was an assertive return from the dynamic duo. Set in a sandy desert plain, the video was directed by Stuart Bentley and produced by Mary Calderwood and Maria Sanz Esteve. Featured in the video is Alison and a group of young blond-haired women that are almost camouflaged into their surroundings. ‘Anymore’ is taken from Goldfrapp’s upcoming record Silver Eye, due out March 31.

Tinariwen – ‘Sastanàqqàm (I Question You)’

Reigning from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali, a now war torn zone, Tinariwen are a seven-piece that just cannot be overlooked. The poet-guitarists and soul rebels recently unveiled their single ‘Sastanàqqàm (I Question You)’ from their brand new record Elwan. Exiled from the place they called home, Tinariwen’s latest video clip sees them take it back to the desert in traditional Tarakesh dress – guitars in hand. Directed by Jeremiah from Tinariwen with assistance from Celidja Pornon, the video is as powerful as the lyrics and music of the incredible single Elwan is out now.

Blondie – ‘Fun’

Ahead of the release of Pollinator, Blondie have revealed the video clip to their brand new single ‘Fun’. Loyal to its title, the single’s clip is jam-packed with energy, colour and of course – dancing. The video switches between a black and white Blondie performance and a scene that follows the journey of a spaceship plunging down to a desert area for a spaced out party – horse and all. Proving their music and style is utterly timeless. Pollinator arrives May 5, but you can hear all new music when Blondie tour Australia alongside Cyndi Lauper in April.

Urthboy – ‘Crushing Hard’

Dropping ‘Crushing Hard’ late last year, Voice for Change rep Urthboy is continuously inspiring on the stage and IRL. Directed by Madeline Kelly, the single’s video clip follows two separate love stories – one between two male wrestlers and the other between two young skater girls. The hip hop artist uses the clip to highlight the limitless boundaries of love and offer a breath of sweet, fresh air to hip hop fans watching. According to Urthboy, the song itself is “about not having the emotional maturity to come out and simply tell the person you like that you have a crush on them”. The Aussie artist will take ‘Crushing Hard’ on tour this March. Get your tickets here.

Temples – ‘Strange Or Be Forgotten’

Just one week out from the release of Volcano, Temples sophome record, the band have developed the visuals for the second single. The James Beale-directed clip features the band capturing a handful of strangers. “You peek into these people’s lives briefly and they’ve all got a different story to tell. You don’t necessarily get the full story, but you get insight on their personality and how different they are, and their different ways of expressing themselves,” explains singer and guitarist James Bagshaw. “I think it’s the best cinematography to accompany our music that we’ve had. And then it’s something that actually tells a story as well. I’m a big fan of film, and to me, it feels like I’m watching a Hollywood film.”

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