Rolling Blackouts C.F. Start Your Morning Right; French Press Is Here

Rolling Blackouts C.F. Start Your Morning Right; French Press Is Here

Words by Phoebe Robertson

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are known for their witty lyrics, catchy rhythmic sections, lush layered-vocals and crisscrossing guitar chords.

Today, the locally sourced talent officially release their sophomore EP, The French Press. The highly anticipated, six-tracker sees the band reaching all new heights both through their songwriting and instrumental growth.

Following their debut Talk Tight, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s latest features multi-tracked melodies that are bound to each other, driving drum lines and an insanely addictive bass. Relentless energy and a realness that can’t be forged, the band bring their live presence to the recording and prove that they are truly incredible storytellers.

The title track, seamless and superb, has been a highlight of 2017 so far. ‘French Press‘ opens the EP and welcomes you via a quirky vocal with a tinge of true blue, a guitar melody you’ll want to dance to and offbeat lyrics that have you leaning in.  Supposedly acting as a Skype call between two brothers – one travelling overseas, the other confined to four office walls, the single is a carefully contrasted creation.

Julie’s Place‘, released late last year, serves up a shredding lead guitar line and tight rhythm section, over layered with lead singer Fran Keaney’s trademark vocals of heartache and general relationship confusion. Newbie ‘Sick Bug’ follows the heart line and sees the vocalist exclaiming, “I want you! I want you! I want you! I want to see you smiling on a blue afternoon” with all of his might.

Holding the bar up as equally high for the remainder of their new EP, Rolling Blackouts C.F really have turned it up to eleven. Tackling themes of love and loss and offering critical insight into a range of political, social and every-day issues, The French Press paints the group as one of the smartest Australian rock bands currently circulating.

Start your morning off right and get a taste of The French Press now. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are touring this April-May. Get your hands on some tix here and FFS buy the EP.

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