What nyck Were Listening To When Recording Their Debut EP

nyck (pronounced n.y.c.k) is the project of Melbourne duo Nick Acquroff and Dominique Garrard.

Having just released ‘Speak My Mind‘ and sharing their debut single ‘Decision’ in 2016, the pair announce Alivetheir debut EP – out Friday, 9 June.

With the news of an impending collection of sweet melodic tracks with nothing but raw and unpolished instrumentation, comes the mirrored story. Alive was penned over the space of 12 weeks in winter 2016. Nick was in the midst of a long-term relationship breakup, people he loved started to pass away, he left his job and moved houses twice. This was when Nick met Dom who had a shared love for music, film and the beauty that comes from heartbreak. Together the two began working on some of Nick’s rough sketches – they took all of the blemishes, cracks and mistakes and pulled together songs from Nick’s 12 weeks of cathartic songwriting. When it came to producing the songs, the storytelling lead to listening.

“You hear music differently when you’re recording,” says Nick.

“You hear music differently in the studio. You get really into the way things sound. The craft. I love it heaps, because when you’re writing, you’re always trying to take your life experience and put it into your music. You don’t really write for the production, you write for the words and the feel and emotion. You take the world in and spit it back out in your own way.”

“But then you go in the studio and music sounds different. Every song you listen to has its own little universe. When you’re in that space every recording has it’s own world. You hear the hiss on the microphones, the sound of a bedroom or a car going by or someone breathing or dropping something in the corner of a room. How crisp a snare is, how loose it is, how close its mic’d, how far. And then when you’re listening like this you apply those worlds to your own songs, or start making worlds of your own. Here’s some songs we were listening to while recording our EP.”

nyck will be playing at Sydney’s Brighton Up Bar on April 21 and Melbourne’s Workers Club on April 28. Alive is out Friday, 9 June. You can pre-order it now.