The Year That Ignited The Party In Northeast Party House

The Year That Ignited The Party In Northeast Party House

Highlights by Mitch Ansell and Sean Congues of NPH. Listen to the full (honourable) playlist here

2008 was a big year. I was in year 12, and when a friend’s parents went away it didn’t matter what night it was, it was time to throw a party.

We had to sit a SAC for VCE early the next morning that would account for large portion of our end of year literature results, so I felt it appropriate to at least get an hours sleep.

On my way home from the party I was pulled over by the cops. They saw something on my shirt. Thinking it was dirt they asked if I had been in a fight to which I replied that it was vomit. Moments ago I had embarrassingly destroyed the seats of a taxi, got kicked out and forced to leg it. I asked the cops for a lift home but they denied me the leisure.

Miraculously I made it to school on time. As I sat there about to take this SAC I noticed my mate was missing. My teacher called me out and said he had spoken to him earlier that morning and understood our situation. We pretty much got an extra week to sit this SAC for being incredibly hungover. We both walked away with A’s, fond memories and an incredible love for that teacher.

The Strokes – Last Night

Throughout my high school years, it was a constant battle between my friends and me as to who would marry/become Julian Casablancas. He epitomised cool and made us all go out and buy leather jackets that were most likely really cheap and as fake as they come. This song has stood the test of time; the production on this record was an absolute fluke and still resides as my number one karaoke go-to.

MGMT – ‘Kids’

Pretty much summed up every 18-year-old kid’s year in 2008. There was this festival called Meredith which I had never heard of but noticed that MGMT were playing. I instantly ditched my schoolies trip and decided to attempt to bush bash into the sold out festival. Wrapped in plastic bags, we walked for hours through the most torrential rain the festival has ever seen. We got caught, tried again, made it.

Arctic Monkeys – ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’

The Arctic Monkeys debut really changed how I saw and played guitar. It was pretty much metal and hard rock riffs up until 2006. I remember Googling, or maybe it was ‘Yahoo!’ that I was using then, to search ‘how to get my guitar to sound like the Arctic Monkeys’ haha. They were talk of the town and this song stayed in our iPod party playlists for many years.

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out

Take Me Out never really left as well. It was constantly a full steeze dancefloor banga that people would change other songs mid song for. That intro instantly caused a flurry of smokers out the back to ditch their ciggies, quickly tread through the family carpet and ensure they make it in time for when it kicks in.

Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire

It was either British indie/garage rock or anything on Modular Recordings in 2008. Electro/synth pop was alive and Cut Copy’s ‘In Ghost Colours’ really took me to an amazing place. It was hard to avoid hearing these tracks at any party post VCE. ‘Hearts On Fire’ was usually left to the early morning hours on kitchen floors before everything got shutdown.

The Presets – My People

Every time I hear this song it takes me back to 2009 when Northeast bought one of our first pieces of equipment. Not a microphone or guitar but two industrial sized 1500 Watt Strobe lights, which would induce a near epileptic fit in anyone that dared turn them up to full.

We loved them. They came with us to every show from that time onwards. One of our old band member’s (Moritz Mascheck) role was to dance around and when the song climaxed repeatedly hit a single cymbal as hard he could and turn the strobes up to full. These things were powerful; I recall us blowing the on-stage power at the Espy twice in one night.

The first time we had the chance to test out our new toys however was at a big warehouse party in Collingwood. I was 19 at the time. I’ll never forget the awesome feeling of power I felt once I’d squished through the tight crowd of sweaty teens and positioned the strobes pointing down on the large, unsuspecting crowd. As The Presets ‘My People’ was blasting through the PA, I switched them on.

You can catch Northeast Party House (in the year of 2016 – with just as much party in their hearts) alongside Tom Trago, Total Giovani DJs, Lossless, Nite Fleit and Jennifer Loveless this Saturday, November 19 a yet to be announced international producer at, Copresents a new cultural event to hit Melbourne, uniting the best in local dance music with tasty AF street eats, all in the name of charity. More info here.

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