The Best International Comedians Who Are About To Bring A Bag Of LOLs To Australia

The Best International Comedians Who Are About To Bring A Bag Of LOLs TO Australia

From comedy icons with decades of shows under their belts to the freshest faces in stand-up, here’s a list of the best international talent about to get us crying with laughter from across the globe. In times of political crisis, aging, failure and loneliness, these comics can always find a way to make us laugh.

Emma Malik

UK animal trainer turned comedian Emma Malik will instantly charm you with her British wit and bottle of wine, sharing animal stories that would make David Attenborough blush. From walking tigers to preventing dwarf horse erections, Malik’s life is pretty absurd and she’s not afraid to share all the grisly details. After selling out Sydney Fringe last year, Malik is bringing her show If You Can’t Eat It, Train It to Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sticking With It to Sydney Comedy Festival.

Tickets available here.

Jeff Green

Award-winning comedian and best-selling author Jeff Green is celebrating 30 years in comedy with shows in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Known for being both deeply personal and widely universal, Green never fails to fill a room with laughter. The British comedian is now an Australian resident, and has appeared on Spicks & SpecksGood News WeekThe Big Music Quiz and The Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala.

Find tickets to hilarity in your city here.

Jim Gaffigan

U.S. mega-star Jim Gaffigan is bringing his whirlwind set of jokes to Australia for an east-coast tour, and hitting up New Zealand for the first time ever. The Grammy-nominated comedian, actor, writer, producer, and best-selling author unleashes wildly funny observational stand up at a thrilling pace, and will barely leave you with time to breath between the laughter. You’ve seen him on The Jim Gaffigan Show, Flight of the Conchords, Portlandia, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,  and Bored to Death but now it’s your turn to catch his jokes in the flesh.

Tickets available here.

Jonathan Pie

Frustrated news reporter Jonathan Pie is set to make his Australian debut this May with shows in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. ‘Back To The Studio’ presents political satire at its finest, as Pie attempts to host serious political discussions that inevitably descend into chaos. The viral sensation is famous for his “off camera” rants and is sure to get you howling at his pent-up frustrations.

Tickets to the madness available here.

Shawn Wayans

Shawn Wayans, the hilarious star of ‘Scary Movie’ and ‘White Chicks’ is touring the country this May with a solo-stand up show that is set to have you doubled over with laughter. The highly successful actor, writer, producer and comedian delivers slick and energetic entertainment with natural charisma and quick wit. Don’t miss your chance to see this American legend live on stage.

Tickets available here.

Star-Spangled Stand-Up

After a hugely successful debut run last year, Star-Spangled Stand-Up is back with an expert selection of some of the funniest comedians the U.S. has to offer. This time around, the three rising comics set to get you laughing are Brent Morin, Ramy Youssef and Josh Johnson. This “exhibition of total hilarity” is the best way to get more international talent on your radar.

The trio are touring Sydney and Melbourne this May, don’t miss out on tickets!

Tommy Dean

Clever and quirky comedian Tommy Dean is back from the U.S. to get you howling with laughter. Reflecting on 50 years of life, missed happiness and unachieved ambition, Dean instead celebrates the very rare, fleeting moments of greatness. This unique and memorable show is coming to Sydney only.

Find tickets here.

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