Mossy | The Moniker, The Music and The Grandeur

Tonight, Jamie Timony will play his first official gig as MOSSY. The moniker he’s been crafting, naturally, since twenty-thirteen when he decided to concentrate on becoming a solo artist. The moniker, which will always be in the making. 

“I haven’t settled or decided on a sound for MOSSY. So many songs were written and scratched in the process and I’m still exploring. I don’t think that will ever change.”

MOSSY is an exquisite character, an extremely enigmatic musician and a self-described Renaissance man. His debut self-titled EP is a collection of poems, ballads and penciled anxieties. It’s about tendencies of self-destruction, narcissism and gorgeous delusions of grandeur.

“I can’t wipe my hands clean, every song is absolutely personable. Self-obsession is one of them, I’m guilty of that.”

Whether it’s a form of therapy, detoxification or creative expression, the process is an honest one.

“It comes from within. It’s like a hole that needs filling, and writing music kind of fills that void,” says Timony.

The EP is as a magical result of long days recording with NY-producer, Dean Tuza, and tireless nights spent in a Lower East Side studio crafting a makeshift cave of hibernation and creativity. Additional production was applied by David Kahne (The Strokes, Paul McCartney) and the final mixing was provided by Stuart White (engineer to Beyonce and Jay Z).  The finished product is a delicate blend of psychedelic-pop, huge synth lines and soaring melodies, dripping with a theatrical knack for story telling. And he’s got a few of them.

“I’ve been that person, being so naive, playing a gig at the Annandale on a Monday night at 8:30pm to four and a half people and then you go home and believe you’re the absolute king.”

“And then everyone just gets really pissed.”

And tonight’s debut show will go down as another story, one to add to another record, one to fill the void. It might be buzzing with a crowd of loyal pisshead mates, but it certainly won’t be fruitless gigging. It will be a delusionless grandeur. See you there.

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