Feature Album: Methyl Ethel – ‘Everything Is Forgotten’

Feature Album:
Methyl Ethel
‘Everything Is Forgotten’

“James Ford clearly got out of the way in the
studio and let Webb’s vision become 4D.
First AMP contender of 2017?”

— Herald Sun

Everything Is Forgotten is Methyl Ethel‘s searingly expansive second studio record.

The follow-up album to the band’s debut Oh Inhumane Spectacle (2015), was never going to be easy, but the Perth chillers have stepped up and beyond.

Having enlisted the production services of James Ford (1/2 Simian Mobile Disco), the band have delivered a truly slick slice of psych-rock and synth-pop.

Founding member and signature vocalist Jake Webb is a wizard and wordsmith. Having already unleashed standout tracks ‘Ubu’, ‘Heure des Sorcieres’ and ‘No. 28’, each song proves to be an accessible pop track that twists and turns without resignation – ‘Femme Maison/ One Man House’ in particular.

Delicately layered keys, crackling synth lines and gritty guitars that twang – stretch Everything Is Forgotten far and wide into new, untouched and exciting AF territory for Methyl Ethel.

Everything Is Forgotten is out now

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