Meet Love Deluxe – Soothsayer’s Mysterious New Member

Until now, Love Deluxe was an unknown producer from Sydney with an ear for funky dulcet music and a knack for conjuring a euphonious sound that is warmly familiar, yet strangely not common.

Cool Breeze Over The Mountains‘ is his debut single (out via Melbourne imprint Soothsayer), which delivers a cosmic exploration into futuristic disco that orbits dusty percussion with shimmering synth lines married by a simple, pentatonic hook.

Like the title suggests, the sound of the track rises and rolls but the real reference is to Keanu Reeves, whose name in Hawaiian literally translates to ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’.

Similar to the swelling identity of Love Deluxe, the accompanying video adds glamour and desire to this mysterious producer. Teaming with the remarkably creative team at Lost Art (the team behind The Avalanches artwork) the visual installment transforms Love Deluxe into a fictional fashion magazine that soundtracks a rich and retro history.

“When Soothsayer first shared the Love Deluxe demos with us, what stood out was that it was hard to place a time period on the music. For all we knew, they were created 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or yesterday. I think for that reason they reminded us of some of the classic magazines we love that also seem to defy time – like Photo, Twen, Eros, Nova, Absolu. Their fashion sensibilities also felt a fit to Love Deluxe’s general smoothness,” explain Chris Hopkins and Axel Moline (Lost Art).

“Working backwards, we reached out to photographer Hans Feurer, who’d been contributing to many of the aforementioned magazines since the 1960’s. It was a real thrill to work with his imagery.”

It’s truly powerful collaborative effort, all designed to transport listeners to another time and another place. There’s going to be an EP at some point this year. Settle in.