Love Deluxe Drops ‘Silk Mirage’ EP – A Flavoursome Journey Into Dance

The mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a whole lotta groove that is Sydney artist and musician Love Deluxe has dropped his debut EP Silk Mirage.

Love Deluxe plays with a quirky mix of funk, soul, electronica and disco in this collection of three velvety smooth tracks. Dance beats intermingle with exotic drumming, saxophones weave under obscure samples, and wet synths drip through irresistible bass lines in a hypnotic haze that is tangibly hot, sticky and invigorating.

The mysteriously tasty concoction that is Silk Mirage makes slightly more sense when Love Deluxe’s influences are as eclectic as jazz rock band Steely Dan, ’80s electro hip-hop producer Man Parrish, funk/soul composer and vibraphone player Roy Ayers, and a heap of Japanese funk.

Somehow, from the sizzling opener ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains‘ to slick psych-funk number ‘Spice Of Life‘ and the snappy title track itself, all of these bizarre influences make sense. Love Deluxe’s tracks are undeniably fresh and strange but they’re so warm, mellow, and unassumingly cool that they welcome you wholeheartedly into a luscious world of love, sweat and soul. Tune in and chill out.

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