Leroy Francis’ debut EP is a scuzzy collection of drunk love and desperation

Leroy Francis’ debut EP is a scuzzy collection of drunk love and desperation

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Low-fi multi-instrumentalist Leroy Francis has just dropped his heart-crushing debut EP S.O.R.E and it’s full of fuzzy garage goodness.

Opening with crunchy love/lust song ‘Going Steady‘, Francis’ charming combination of romance and desperation runs through the EP with lyrics like “So take your high heels off, I just love you laying on my floor.” Layers of fuzzed-out riffs and jangly guitars create a thick wall of sound beneath Francis’ crooning voice, which sounds like melting honey and grit at the same time.

Sliding into second track ‘Intoxicated Dreams‘ the EP takes a neo-psych turn with mesmerising melodies winding through the slow 6/8 sway of the tune. Francis’ reverb-soaked voice wobbles through depictions of loneliness and heartbreak, making the track fit for the end of a prom full of love and disappointment.

Lead single ‘Carry Me‘ is a highlight, busting through with a scuzzy kick to the guts as track four. Pleading vocals and yearning guitars soar above the messy rock anthem that’s over in two blistering minutes.

All the noise is brought to a halt with EP closer ‘Sleeping Ain’t Easy,’ which features Francis whispering over a soft guitar like an intimate lullaby, before blossoming into a mellow symphony of droning synths and hypnotic guitars. The title is appropriate to the EP as a whole, which Francis birthed from a collection of scrappy recordings he’d made on countless insomnia-fueled nights.

Performing all of the instruments himself, Francis has crafted a sleepy but vibrant collection of love-drunk and staggering indie garage rock. S.O.R.E. is romantic and aggressive, reflective and determined, and above all else it’s catchy as hell. We can’t wait to hear what comes next from this talented Sydney-sider.

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