Who Is Hatchie?

Hatchie is the dreamy musical project of Hariette Pilbeam – a brilliant songwriter from Brisbane.

Melding whimsical pop with reflective shoegaze influences, Hatchie has been hypnotising listeners from the first listen since her debut single ‘Try‘ dropped earlier this year. Now we’re stoked to announce, with her new single ‘Sure’, Hatchie has joined Ivy League Records.

‘Sure’ feels like a warm and wavering mirage, full of yearning and undeniably captivating. Rich layers of guitar and synth meld together to form one thick, sparkling soundscape, as verses and choruses melt into each other in a mesmerising wave. Through the course of the song, the line “Do you even think about me?” is on loop in the background, lulling the listener into hazy and secret reflections as Hatchie’s distinctive vocal harmonies wash over the blissfully bittersweet scene. It’s packed full of pop hooks and sweet melodies, but it’s her mature songwriting and vision that delivers a certain level of depth and surprising darkness.

‘Sure’ is our second taste of Hatchie’s delicious dream pop, following debut single ‘Try’, an optimistic track littered with jangly guitars and quirky pop synths. The pair display Hatchie’s uniquely instinctive approach to music, as playful experimentations fall naturally into their intricate but seemingly effortless place.

“I hear the melody in my mind first and then work out the chords I’m imagining under that. I have a good ear for music, but I don’t know chord names or much music theory. I just kind of figure it out.”

This instinct may come from years playing with her friends in bands Babaganouj and Go Violets, but this solo foray has allowed Hatchie the freedom to write something truly different and her own. She attributes her eclectic sound to the idea she’s still figuring it out, “I really love writing pop songs, but then messing them up and turning them into something else. Something darker.”

Having already taken her messed-up pop songs on tour with The Creases and with upcoming shows with Ball Park Music and The Temper Trap, Hatchie’s dark tunes are only burning brighter by the second. Standby.

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