Green Buzzard’s New EP Has Landed; Sent From The Distant Future

Green Buzzard’s New EP Has Landed; Sent From The Distant Future

By Phoebe Robertson 

The year is 2077. Planet Earth is nothing but a distant memory and mankind has found refuge on planet Mars. Dewey Everglow, part of the ‘M Generation’ otherwise known as the first children of Mars, is a space pilot and our stories Hero. Typically found at the dangerous and gritty gay bar Space Man Rodeo, he plays guitar in the house band – Green Buzzard. Recently taking off on a mission for a new habitable planet in his very own spaceship, Dewey has been trapped in space after sinking into a universe beyond the known world. Only space and time will tell what the future holds for Dewey, his band and his favourite local hang.

Creator of his own mind-forged manacles, Paddy Harrowsmith is Green Buzzard – the master behind the tales of Dewey Everglow and the unfortunate events he has found himself enduring thus far. Today, the Australian artist has dropped his Space Man Rodeo EP – an epic ten track record. Recently revealing various tales from the futuristic environment, Paddy had previously released ‘Never Let Me Go‘, ‘Do You Ever Glow‘ and ‘Dream In/Out‘ from the largely anticipated album.

The project’s sharpest sound to date, the record is perfectly scorched and tinged with a side of strong, psych-rock. Perfectly saturated by guitar chords, each single on the release moves the overall story of Dewey Everglow’s exploration forward. Opening with ‘Take – Off Transmission’, the EP also has ‘Transmission #1’ and ‘Transmission #2’, each as outer-space-styled as the next. Taking his experimental production techniques to the next dimension, Paddy places the three instrumental tunes evenly throughout Space Man Rodeo. The concept album offers a journey for listeners – the background story and the flow from track to track piece together a story-line that they can submerge themselves in, one song at a time.

Jam-packed with fuzzy feedback, Space Man Rodeo is Green Buzzard’s second EP to date and a huge step up both sonically and visually. The music video for ‘Do You Ever Glow? is Green Buzzard’s most cinematic to date. The footage features a video-in-video still that pays homage to The Replacements ‘Bastards For Young‘, the band as a clean up crew being sent to investigate strange occurrences in an underground car park and a clear reference to escapism with a hair in the wind, highway tunnel scene.

On the other hand, Harrowsmith explians, “‘Never Let Me Go’ is a rare love song written from the perspective of Dewey Everglow, the anti-hero from Mars that the Buzzard boys have created. The ‘letter’ was sent by Everglow as an SOS while lost in space and was only recovered many years later by The Arcadian Space Control. The letter was then recorded by his band, Green Buzzard and is now the unlikely anthem at his favourite bar Space Man Rodeo.”

Recorded and mixed with Burke Reid (DZ Deathrays), Courtney Barnett), Space Man Rodeo and it’s plethora of hits takes the Green Buzzard scuzzy production to an entirely new level. Touching on themes of escapism, a longing for more, anxiety, love and ultimately, adventure – the intergalactic odyssey could not have lived up anymore to it’s incredibly high. outer space expectations.

Space Man Rodeo is out now via I OH YOU. Get your hands and ears around it now.

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