Have you heard of snny?

snny is the freshest singer-songwriter-producer to come out of New York’s indie-RnB scene.

The Ivory Coast born, Boston raised talent quickly carved his own unique space in an already oversaturated scene with the release of his debut single ‘Young Boy‘ earlier this year. Clocking in a just over two minutes, the track effortlessly melds sprawling influences into one magical track. From the sparse synth pads that open the track and the understated bass line to the snappy electronic beat and luscious vocal harmonies, snny’s choices combine so effortlessly. That’s not even to mention his nostalgic vocals that hit his humble lyrics home with effortless rhythm.

snny quickly followed-up with a second track ‘Arizona‘, which trades in the punch of his debut for a breezy groove. The minimal track floats through an intimate, nocturnal world, as snny’s smooth vocals reflect “Pretty girls from Arizona / All they do is waste my time.” With a sprinkling of funk guitar and spoken word, ‘Arizona’ is a fresh track which has us wondering what snny will come up with next.

snny’s debut EP Learning To Swim is full of these lush soundscapes and relaxed vibes, and it’s out now.