Finding The Romance
In Australian Music
With Julia Jacklin

To celebrate Julia Jacklin playing her biggest Aussie bandrooms next month, we caught up with the Blue Mountain wordsmith and shredder to chat Aussie legends, romantic lyricism and crashing festival stages.

First Aus artist/band CD purchase?

The Vines – Highly Evolved from Penrith Plaza Sanity. I would have been around 12.

Who’s your biggest Aus artist/band influencer (throwback)?

I’d have to say Silverchair. My dad bought me Frogstomp when I was super young and it blew my mind. I think their album Diorama has some of the best pop hooks ever written. ‘Without You’ manages to make the lyrics, “you brighten my life like a polystyrene hat” the most romantic thing ever said.

What was your first Aussie music festival you went to? Who headlined? 

I was 17 and it was the Great Escape and it was amazing. Headliners were, Hilltop Hoods, Wolfmother, The Living End, The Roots, The Vines, Missy Higgins. I remember seeing Angus and Julia Stone and the Temper Trap on the small stage with not that many people watching. It was just amazing because it was my first. Everything was so fresh and exciting. My school friends band Bridezilla was playing and I really wanted the lead singer Holiday to think I was cool so I jumped on stage during Lee Scratch Perrys set. We held hands while he sang in front of thousands of people and it may have been the best moment of my life.

Who is your favourite up and coming Aussie artist/band and why? 

Georgia Mulligan because she is a total boss songwriter and musician. Her song ‘Worst Part’ is amazing.

Who is your favourite Aus artist/band to see live?

Right now it’s Flowertruck. They just make me so happy.

What is your favourite Aus venue to see live music?

Right now it would be The Sly Fox in Enmore. It’s usually packed so you can’t see very well but every Thursday night it’s just pumping and everyone there is there to listen and appreciate the band, whoever it might be. There’s just nothing else quite like it in Sydney right now.

If you could collab with any Aussie artist, current or past, who would it be and why?

Paul Kelly! For obvious reasons.

If you could have written any song by an Aussie artist from past or present, which song would it be?

‘To Think That I Once Loved You’ – The Drones. One of the best chorus’ I’ve ever heard.

What is your ultimate Australian-made track – one that encompasses the Aussie way or the Aussie music scene?

‘Took the Children Away’ – Archie Roach. Storytelling, honesty and simplicity.

Jacklin‘s tour in May will feature a fierce all-lady, alt-folk line-up, Julia will be joined by Melbourne’s own art-pop darling Jaala (both shows), who released her incredible alt-prog debut album Hard Hold in 2015 and Rough River, the project of local singer-songwriter Kate Skinner who revealed her new single ‘True Wild’ in January will also join the Melbourne gig at the Corner Hotel. Opening in Sydney’s Metro Theatre will be solo artist Elizabeth Hughes, who plays with Julia in Phantastic Ferniture and also hails from the Blue Mountains.