Feature Album: Willaris. K – ‘Alchemy’ EP

Feature Album:
Willaris. K


Twenty-four year old producer Willaris. K, a.k.a. Jack McAllister, has just dropped his electrifying debut EP of melodic techno, Alchemy.

Inspired by days trekking through the bush to monitor the power conversion between New South Wales and Queensland at substations along the border, this 7 track collection is beautifully atmospheric and charged with grit. At just over half an hour long, the EP seamlessly melts through moments of reflection and deep, dark explosions.

Breakthrough single ‘Alchemy‘ is one such track. Opening with sparse piano chords, the track grows with sampled textures providing an organic percussive palette that soon transitions into some thick beats and bass. By the four-minute mark, ‘Alchemy’ has transformed into a dirty banger, complete with a pleading synth hook that won’t let you leave the dancefloor.

Second track ‘Risen‘ is another nuanced highlight. At 7:28 it’s the longest song on the EP but it seems to exist in a place devoid of time at all. From the opening industrial sounds, to the insistent four-to-the-floor beat and the gut-twisting bass synth, this track could make its home in the dankest club with the stickiest floors. But modulations into light, piano-led sections add a layer of sophistication to the track, that only makes the bass that much grimier when it drops.

Willaris. K has quickly proven himself as a producer who can make your head work as hard as your hips and heart. He has a simple vision for his expertly-crafted tracks, stating “It has to make me feel something on an extreme scale.”

Alchemy contains colosal dance anthems and abysses of reflection very tightly within its 34 minutes, but this is the type of expansive electronica that will fuel you all night.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

‘Alchemy’ is out now

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