Feature Album: Vance Joy – ‘Nation Of Two’

Feature Album:
Vance Joy
Nation of Two

Good things are worth waiting for, and that’s definitely the case for Vance Joy’s very highly anticipated second album Nation Of Two, which is finally available for our listening pleasure.

The Melbourne singer-songwriter has been teasing us with sweet tune after sweet tune, including ‘Lay It On Me‘, ‘We’re Going Home‘, ‘Saturday Sun‘ and ‘Call If You Need Me‘, all of which gave us a taste of his honey-sweet voice and tender song-craft. Yet even this stream of singles could not fully capture the magnificent rise and fall of emotions present in this collection’s 13 tracks.

Nation Of Two describes a perfectly self-contained couple; their world beginning and ending at the bed they share, the car they ride in, or any other place where they’re together…The idea that their love for each other gives them their bearings; a point of reference that makes sense of life,” Vance Joy explains.

Vance Joy finds this simple and perfect type of love in his storytelling lyrics and tender instrumentation. ‘Alone With Me‘, pairs heart-warming lyrics such as “Everything’s just as it should be when we’re alone,” with soft strings and ricocheting drums, creating a sparse but warm soundscape that can’t help but make you fall in love.

Similarly, closing track ‘When We Start‘ highlights Vance Joy’s raw but rich voice as he croons romantic lines such as “I love that little smile you keep in the corner of your mouth,” over a delicate banjo. It’s so pure and intimate that it sounds like he’s personally serenading you from his bedroom.

But it’s not all romantic love songs, towards the end of the album ‘Little Boy‘ describes Vance Joy’s bike-riding youth in suburban Melbourne, allowing him to get personal with a story of familial care.

As a follow up to his phenomenal debut album Dream Your Life AwayNation Of Two maintains Vance Joy’s acoustic prowess, allowing his beautiful voice and lyrics to flourish. Yet at the same time each song grows into a subtle but luscious soundscape, filling even the emptiest of hearts with hope.

Vance Joy is about to take his hypnotically romantic album on a massive world tour, including dates across Australia in September. Find tickets here.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

‘Make Way For Love’ is out now

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