Feature Album: The Creases – ‘Tremolow’

Feature Album:
The Creases

We’ve already tasted five delicious singles from it, but The Creases‘ debut album Tremolow is chock full of surprising treats.

Brit-pop opener ‘Answer To’ sets the pace for 12 tracks of understated pop melodies, sparkling synths and tight rhythm sections. The band sound like they’re playing a game from the start, as quirky sound effects and jangly guitars mix seamlessly beneath cheeky lyrics.

It all combines into the distinctive brand of sophisticated pop we’ve become familiar with thanks to shimmering singles ‘Is It Love‘, ‘Impact‘, ‘Everybody Knows‘, ‘Point‘, and recently released favourite ‘In My Car‘. The tunes are bright, sparkly, comforting pop until they inevitably get distracted and wander off on a sonic adventure of gutsy outros, surprise brass and gospel vocals.

Right in the middle of the sparkling collection is biting track ‘Asshole’, a post-punk inspired anthem with blatantly clear lyrics “You’re an asshole, but you don’t know, you don’t care about anyone.” Singer Joe Agius’ delivery is laid back and cool, sitting comfortably between driven drums, sombre guitar riffs and a bittersweet synth lead. It’s just one example of The Creases’ refreshingly mature songwriting as they magically combine sweet soundscapes with bitter themes to make tunes that are perfect for both dance and contemplation.

Closing track ‘Something’s Gotta Break’ rounds out the album with a blissful bang, as the pop song gives way to a whimsical jam sesh with punchy rhythm, tantalising guitars and soaring synths all sizzling to an inevitable but unwanted close. It may have taken the Brisbane boys four years, but Tremolow is an unwavering collection of tantalising, heartbreaking, addictive pop goodness.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Tremolow is out now

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