Feature Album: The Belligerents – ‘Science Fiction’

Feature Album:
The Belligerents
Science Fiction

Brisbane’s psych-pop rockers The Belligerents have finally released their debut album Science Fiction and it’s a sizzling sonic adventure of outer-space proportions.

The hard-working five-piece have been teasing the debut for a while, releasing lead single ‘Before, I Am‘ last year and instantly reeling us into their orbit with their hypnotic blend of crunchy surf guitars and droning melodies. Mesmerising, sound-effect littered ‘Caroline‘ followed later last year, before epic synth-laden ‘Flash‘ was released earlier this year and has been whirring through our heads ever since.

Just last week, the quirky boys dropped title track ‘Science Fiction‘ a dangerously infectious tune with indie-garage verses and a sparkling new wave chorus with the anthemic chant “Why can’t I fly away from Earth?” But the plea for freedom is answered by the album’s remaining 10 songs which reach such extreme sonic planes they have well and truly taken off from Earth.

Whether it’s the raw punk chorus of ‘Turn Down The Band’, the hard-hitting fuzz of ‘Less And Less’ or bouncy, organ-infused ‘It’s Gonna Get Worse’ Science Fiction is full of endless surprises. Recorded entirely by themselves, The Belligerents took their time experimenting with the album and it has paid off.

Science Fiction goes beyond earthly psych-rock into a whole new universe of irresistible hooks and turns. Strap yourselves in, we have lift off.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Science Fiction is out now

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