Feature Album:
The Temper Trap
Thick As Thieves

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“The Temper Trap have reaped the creative benefits of a renewed focus on the fundamentals of songwriting and production.”

— The Music

“Epic,” “shimmering” and “soaring” – we’re crumbled to cliches…”

— VICE / Noisey

Since the 2012 release of their sophomore album of the same name, Australia’s pre-eminent indie-rock outfit could have spent the years basking in the glory (and gluttony) of the upper echelons of musical royalty, however, they’ve remained focused on their foremost love: writing new music, exploring otherworldly soundscapes and creating anthems.

The band have spent each waking moment while caught up in this whirlwind of a time, to be consistently working on new material, perfecting riffs and penning vocals. And now, they’ve returned with their third opus, Thick As Thieves.

The new record also marks the group’s first album since the departure of guitarist Lorenzo Sillitto in late 2013.

“We’re one man done – so we have to make sure that every single part we’re playing is absolutely vital to the song,” details Mandagi of the alteration to their song-writing process. “There’s less hands. We can’t just have a part, a riff per say, just for the sake of it. I think it’s a good thing, though. It’s made the sound a bit leaner. We’ve done away with anything that could be considered filler – everything has to be intentional and vital.”

Thick As Thieves further sees the band expanding their musical palette. Experimenting with co-writing for the first time, the album has enlisted the talents of Malay, Justin Parker, Ben Allen and Pascal Gabriel (with their respective working accolades including the likes of Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Sia, Animal Collective, Goldfrapp and more) – and resulted in an experience that Mandagi believes has thoroughly enriched the group’s creative process.

Thick As Thieves is out now