Feature Album: Stonefield – ‘Far From Earth’

Feature Album:
Far From Earth


The four Findlay sisters who make up Stonefield have proved themselves a force to be reckoned with today, releasing their darkly shifting, mesmerising odyssey of a new album Far From Earth.

Kicking off the adventure with lead single ‘Delusion‘, it’s clear the psych-rockers have well and truly departed Macedon for outer-space. The wicked potion of thick riffs and foreboding bells sets the pace for the band’s third album (their first release on King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s label Flightless Records), which takes all the ridiculously crunchy fuzz and catchy hooks of their previous record As Above, So Below and propels it into a dangerous night world. “Delusion was inspired by an overwhelming feeling of knowing you are a speck in the universe, getting lost in your own mind,” the band describe, and it’s easy to feel tiny against the massive walls of grit and phasers that these women are putting out.

Second track and single ‘Far From Earth‘ continues the pedal to the metal, high octane, classic rock explosion before melting into the slower but no less powerful third track ‘In The Eve’. Full of yearning and kaleidoscopic guts, this track really highlights the versatility of Amy Findlay’s commanding voice.

Surprises lurk elsewhere on the album, as fourth track ‘Visions’ creates an unexpected dance vibe with its dominant four to the floor beat and sexy bassline. The relentless beat and reccurring pentatonic hooks are impossible to resist moving to, almost like an ABBA banger dressed up in leather, studs and dark eyeliner.

Towards the end of the album, the girls deliver an almighty hard rock juggernaut in the form of seventh track ‘Through The Storm’, led by a blistering riff that threatens to make dingy bandrooms the world over tremble. Juxtaposed with a spacey chorus of synths and vocal harmonies, the track gives you a moment to float above the clouds before dropping you straight back into earth-shattering territory.

‘In My Head’ is another pop driven rocker that threatens to be in your head for days as its teasing, push and pull chorus draws you in, only finding release with a prog exploration of interweaving guitars, bass and organ. It’s the perfect example of Stonefield’s growth with this latest offering. The ten tracks of Far From Earth both push their sonic experimentation further than ever before, whilst also solidifying their infusion of heavy rock with pop hooks so that you can’t help but come back for more.

With expansive soundscapes and laser-sharp direction, Far From Earth has truly sent Stonefield to another planet of galactic rock royalty.


Words by Hayley Franklin.

‘Far From Earth’ is out now

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