Feature Album: Sean Heathcliff – ‘A Boy And His Rose’

Feature Album:
Sean Heathcliff
‘A Boy And His Rose EP’

“As captivating as it is dreamy.”

— Pilerats

After introducing his solo career with his debut EP Kagu Sean Heathcliff, aka ex co-vocalist and guitarist in Snakadaktal, is back with his follow up EP A Boy And His Rose. Boasting a delicate and organic sound, the new release captures a significant chapter of our lives that occurs during our passage from youth to adulthood.

While Kagu presented listeners with a plethora of different genre-defying techniques including minimal pop-electro to folk rock, Heathcliff has since moved towards an acoustic-based sound with a much more refined sonic fixture. Inquisitive about both life and love, Heathcliff’s brand new EP allows listeners to sink into a dreamy haze of heart-wrenching indie pop-rock. The solo artist’s continued ability to touch on such heavy topics in a way that is as light as a feather’s touch is simply sublime.

Opening the release with an instrumental title-track is both unexpected and ingenious. As though the track is setting up the opening scene to a brand new film, Heathcliff expresses an incredible amount with no vocal performance at all. ‘A Boy And His Rose’ is an intricate, building track that feels no need for anything more than a beautiful melody. On the other hand, ‘Ordinary’ is a simple pop song, as calming and natural as ever. An acoustic centerpiece, ‘Hunter’ is the hidden treasure of the EP and will translate perfectly when performed live. Bringing the record home, ‘Coco Shaded Eyes’ and ‘Too Far’ are at a complete contrast, a stark and simple creation paired with an over-the-top pop song.

Written entirely by Heathcliff, A Boy And His Rose details the various areas of his past and present life. The singer/songwriter allows listeners to dive into the depths of his deepest secrets, simplest stories and endless, introspective questions via an incredibly passionate delivery.

A Boy And His Rose is out now

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