Feature Album: Margaret Glaspy – ‘Emotions And Math’

Feature Album:
Margaret Glaspy
Emotions And Math

Listen to mushroom.com’s feature album ‘Emotions And Math’ via the player below.

“Whereas many songwriters might revel in the youthful abandon of such recklessness, Emotions and Math instead treats bad decisions and destructive impulses with compassionate clarity and heartfelt empathy.”

— Pitchfork

Emotions and Math is not simply the name of Margaret Glaspy’s new debut album. That expression drills right to the heart of the New York singer-songwriter’s proper introduction, a mission statement both artistic and personal.

On its surface, the title track talks about being a touring musician and figuring out how to see your partner, looking at the calendar and calculating how you’re going to spend time together.

But Emotions and Math, also sums up an epiphany she had while making the record.

Emotion And Math is out now

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