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London Grammar

Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

London’s magical trio, London Grammar, have finally delivered a follow-up album to twenty-thirteen’s massive debut If You Wait. Continuing the perfect pairing of Hannah Reid’s incredible voice with sublime soundscapes, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing is a collection of dazzling, haunting songs about perspective and experience.

Despite the bewildering response to If You Wait, which sold over two million copies, garnered a series of awards and had the trio touring for 30 months, London Grammar went back to basics to write the new album. Songs were written in small private band sessions, or in the shower, as was the case with spine-tingling opening track ‘Rooting For You’. Little was added to the originally a cappella track, and production was minimal on the rest of the album too. Instead, Dan Rothman (guitars) and Dot Major (drums/electronics) created sparse, rolling infusions of melodic guitar, rumbling synth pads and snappy beats.

Reid’s voice is consistently breathtaking, but the music is particularly fascinating in six-minute symphony ‘Hell To The Liars’ which evolves from bare-bones piano and hints of guitar to a lush amalgamation of electronic beats, sizzling strings, arpeggiated guitar and yearning piano/synth melodies. The track is an especially grand moment in an album full of grand moments.

If 11 tracks of soaring masterpieces isn’t enough for you, a deluxe version of the album is also available. With seven bonus tracks including demos and live recordings, it’s just one way of prolonging the beautiful thing that is London Grammar‘s anticipated album.

Catch the trio play a stint of super special shows in AUS + NZ this September – sharing their brand new record for the very first time.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Truth Is A Beautiful Thing is out now