Feature Album:
Not Punk, Per Se

Melbourne garage rock grrrls Lazertits have dropped their highly anticipated debut album Not Punk, Per Se, and it’s overflowing with their signature wit and punch.

Opening with manic thrasher ‘Yeah Nah‘, which slings hard truths back at the patriarchy with the charmingly Aussie phrase “Yeah nah, that shit’s not chill,” the nine-tracker speeds by in 27 minutes of extreme fuzz and impassioned cries.

Yet for the amount of noise, Lazertits still smash out some catchy hooks. ‘Cherry Flavour’ layers melodic chanting with surf-inspired guitar licks to infect the listener with their gleefully high energy punk. ‘New Friend‘ is instantly hypnotic with its cheerleader style verses and closing track ‘M8house‘ drops some irresistibly psych-inspired guitar goodness.

Clocking in at 5 minutes long, ‘Crying At The Tote‘ hits home to more than just those who frequent the punk venue. With their brashness toned down to melancholic, post-punk inspired guitar lines, the song delves into feelings of loneliness and regret with the same type of humble authenticity that their warcries take on. A thick, fuzzy guitar outro provides the perfect release for all that angst before we’re thrown straight back into the band’s fierce garage rock with phaser-filled ‘Puddles‘.

Lazertit’s have delivered a fearlessly in your face feminist record, but there’s no need to fear. As well as smashing out smart-arse lines about boys and independence, the girls have also ripped out some seriously catchy, charming, hard-hitting punk rock.

Catch their album launch at The Curtin in Melbourne on Saturday, 25 November.


Words by Hayley Franklin.

Not Punk, Per Se is out now