Feature Album: Kyle Lionhart – ‘Eleven & Two’ EP

Feature Album:
Kyle Lionhart
Eleven & Two EP

“It’s another strong release from a future star of Aussie music.”

– Pilerats

Byron Bay darling Kyle Lionhart has released a sweet and sensitive second EP Eleven & Two. Following on from his 2015 debut EP Keep In Mind, Kyle has delivered seven soulful tracks which will melt your heart before the intimate closing track.

Just like the previous EP, Eleven & Two is predominated by warm acoustic guitar and Kyle’s gentle voice. It’s a winning combination that showcases Kyle’s emotional performance and supreme vocal control, as his voice wavers and soars through reassuring lyrics, matching the rises and falls of the music. Piano, strings and tambourine are also sprinkled throughout the EP, creating subtle surprises with every track.

Leading single ‘Call Back Home’ is a cosy, summery, indie-folk track that grows from soft acoustic murmuring to a luscious and catchy pop song. Opening track ‘Sweet Girl’ has a similar warmth as Kyle’s voice croons through the winding verses, however it’s tinged with sadness. The heartfelt track came from a conversation with his father, who discussed the way he handled some moments in his daughter’s adolescence. Cue the tears for the final line, “You never love what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

Final track ‘You & I’ begins quietly like the rest of the tracks, before flourishing into a blissful final chorus as Kyle’s voice flies above beautiful layers of strings, finger-picked guitars, vocal harmonies and softly crashing cymbals. It’s a mature conclusion to a collection that proves Kyle Lionhart is much more than just a busker from Byron.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Eleven & Two is out now

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