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All in all, Punchbuzz is about well-executed, acutely refined indie pop suitable for a wide audience.”

– Double J

Melbourne duo Husky have revealed their hugely anticipated third album Punchbuzz and it’s a determined step into a dynamic new world of bold indie rock.

It’s been three years since the release of their acclaimed folk album Ruckers Hill. In that time, singer/guitarist Husky Gawenda and keyboardist Gideon Preiss spent a year in Berlin, writing into the early hours of the morning. Their return to Melbourne felt both welcome and haunting, as Gawenda describes “Melbourne was new to me as it always is when I return from being away … But it was also full of ghosts – remnants of my past life.”

This sensation resulted in the album’s driven opening track ‘Ghost’. With a pounding beat, dark melodies, soaring synths and Gawenda’s twisted imagery of ghosts, vampires and stray dogs, the catchy track marks a departure from their mellow folk sound into sharp, streamlined moody pop. Through its ten tracks, the album continues experimenting with visceral lyrics and seductively smothering soundscapes, creating a distinctive brand of cosy, nocturnal, winter rock.

Hidden in the middle of the album, fifth track ‘Cut The Air’ continues their signature mellow and mysterious folk sounds. Haunting harmonies and growling acoustic guitars meander through brooding track, to be joined by a satisfyingly punchy beat for the luscious, layered extended outro.

Second last track ‘Flower Drum’ is another highlight, as it mixes snappy beats, fuzzy guitars, rhythmic vocals and a whole heap of psychedelic goodness to create a bright, quirky pop track.

“In the past, when songs were coming out a bit faster and punchier, we shied away from that,” Gawenda says, “… this time, we didn’t want to limit ourselves.” Free from restrictions, Husky have delivered a powerful pop punch.

Husky will be touring Punchbuzz across the country this June and July.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Punchbuzz is out now