Feature Album: Gordi – ‘Reservoir’

Feature Album:

Canowindra singer-songwriter Gordi has released her anticipated debut album Reservoir, innovatively blending sparse electronica and folk to create a collection of soft, sensitive songs.

Written and recorded between Wisconsin, Reykjavik, Los Angeles, New York and Sydney, the 12-tracker is a fascinating mix of organic and synthetic sounds. From melancholy piano chords and whispered counting to glitchy auto-tuned vocals, world beats and textured samples, each track is a wholly original surprise. The sonic adventure, which features endearing singles ‘Heaven I Know‘ ‘On My Side‘ and ‘Bitter End‘ is unified by the lyrics, however, which explore themes of loss within platonic relationships.

“Lyrics to me are everything,” says Gordi. “Music is kind of what encases this story that you’re trying to tell. The music is obviously what makes people fall in love with a song first, but what eventually speaks to people, whether they know it or not, is the actual words that are being said.”

Gordi’s lyrics have come far from when she borrowed lines from One Tree Hill to write songs in high school. Lines like “It feels good to say I’m over you / and mean it more and more each time” showcase an authentic vulnerability that you can’t help but relate to. Delving into feelings of loss and recovery, Gordi didn’t shy away from quiet moments of contemplation. It was this frame of mind that lent the album its name.

“The name Reservoir, it’s that thing that you can’t describe, that space that anxious people would probably live their life in. It’s actually an expression my friend and I use. If I’m really down one day, I’ll say, ‘Oh I’m a bit in the reservoir today’.

But out of the sadness comes countless moments of beauty, as true feelings and unexpected soundscapes combine in magical ways. We don’t mind being down in the reservoir when it sounds this good.

You can catch Gordi when she plays her biggest headline Aus tour this Nov/Dec. Tickets on sale now.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Reservoir is out now

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