Feature Album: First Light: Volume 1 – Compiled by CC:DISCO!

Feature Album:
First Light: Volume 1
Compiled by CC:DISCO!

An unprecedentedly cool thing has happened – Australia’s most respected dance floor legend has partnered up with underground label Soothsayer to produce Soothsayer presents First Light compiled by CC:DISCO!, a thrilling collection of nocturnal jams.

The rapidly rising DJ has cut her teeth with regular AM slots at Melbourne’s Daydreams Party and Boney, keeping people glued to the dance floor with her sultry blend of boogie, Balearic, funk, disco and house. It’s been a whirlwind time for CC:DISCO! a.k.a. Courtney Clarke, the farm girl from Cobram,  Victoria, whose Sunday morning set at Meredith 2016 has become the stuff of legend.

For Volume 1 of First Light, CC:DISCO! has curated a pulsating and mesmerising tracklist, selecting the freshest exclusive tracks from the most exciting emerging artists across Australia and New Zealand.

“Playing 4-7am is where I got to learn the art of Club Djing”. It’s the most challenging time to keep people’s attention. I’d stay sober or have lots of espresso martinis” CC:DISCO! explains.

First Light oozes vibrancy but never feels like it’s forcing you to stay awake. While 4/4 tracks like ‘Reachin’ Out’ by Chord Memory Band and ‘Don’t Worry’ by Ben Houghton insist on moving your body from your very core, CC:DISCO! doesn’t shy away from a more mellow beat either. Ultimate chiller ‘No More Words’ by Sui Zhen wraps you in a warm, gently swaying embrace, guiding you safely through long summer nights. Similarly, the hypnotic ‘Freda’s Jam’ by James IV shifts so subtly through ’80s synths and African percussion you’ll have no idea time is passing at all.

Closing out the collection with mind-altering ‘Babylonia’ by River Yarra + Tom Baker, as made iconic during THAT Meredith set, and final track ‘Al Bebe’ by Nite Fleit, a dark slow-burner that feels equally sinister and seductive, CC:DISCO! ensures you’ve danced your way through the longest of nights. Collated through endless emails, chance encounters and fangirl moments, the far-reaching tracks of First Light are dripping with wide-eyed optimism and formidable intuition.

You can catch CC:DISCO! live sharing First Light: Volume 1 across club rooms and theatres around Australia from February to March. Tickets shifting fast.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

First Light: Volume 1 compiled by CC:DISCO! is out now

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