Feature Album: Esoterik – ‘My Astral Plane’ EP

Feature Album:
My Astral Plane


Sydney MC Esoterik has dropped his inspiring debut EP My Astral Plane, a kaleidoscope of vibrant grooves, trap beats, big brass and even bigger messages.

Already a legend of the Aussie hip-hop scene as one third of Bliss n Eso, this solo debut proves Esoterik is a positive force to be reckoned with. After kicking a heavy drinking habit and finding solace in family, Esoterik has returned with nine tracks of fierce quips and moral goodness, never holding back from the truth.

Single ‘Be Like You‘ is one such track that doesn’t shy away from Esoterik’s experiences, even if they don’t fit traditional party vibes. With lyrics like “It’s a shame that to get by we get high to live painless,” and “I was out there running away, when life was right in front of my face,” the track grows into an encouraging anthem of living your best self. The catchy chorus and summery vibes keep the party going, celebrating feelings that are “better than drugs” including the love of family.

The influence of his son and wife are clear in the infectious joy and playfulness that appear in each track. Fifth track ‘Love Is The Vibe‘ is an incredibly effervescent example of the happiness threaded through this EP. Written after watching The Jungle Book with his son, the bouncey song plays with references to King Louie, The Simpsons and Spongebob while reflecting on how great his life is now.

“My son and my wife are the golden jewels of my life. It was only through them that I even had the confidence to go “You know what, I want to do this”. Because I’ve got them in my corner,” Esoterik explains. But despite the hugely personal background to the collection, My Astral Plane‘s warmth is highly contagious.

From the soaring chorus of ‘Just For You‘ to the deep grooves of ‘Stay Fly‘ and the thumping beats of ‘Wide Awake‘, My Astral Plane is overflowing with hidden charms that are just waiting to be found under wholesome messages and party beats. Esoterik has delivered a truly powerful debut, proving even rappers have feelings too.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

‘My Astral Plane’ is out now

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