Feature Album: Dan Sultan – ‘Killer’

Feature Album:
Dan Sultan

Dan Sultan has escaped his roots with his fourth album Killer, a sophisticated collection of reflective lyrics, grit and fine production.

The Melbourne-born rock legend has experimented with a new expansive soundscape in the album’s 11 tracks, laying his iconic soulful voice over surprising combinations of classic piano, twangy guitar, snappy drum machines and textured synthesisers. The sound is all-encompassing, as multi-layered choirs appear throughout the album, heightening the emotional intensity of a collection of songs that is already heart-shattering and joyous and everything in between.

To put it simply, Killer showcases Sultan’s newfound mature songwriting, and Sultan expresses a similar sentiment, sharing “You get older and you get a bit wiser, and as a songwriter you’re always trying to get better and trying to push yourself.” But luckily, this latest offering is an aging that is overflowing with vitality and raw emotion.

Singles ‘Hold It Together‘ and ‘Magnetic‘ are packed with vibrant energy, as funky bass and guitars lay down some irresistible grooves beneath Sultan’s sweet rich voice. Hidden in the middle of the album, however, are quiet treasures like sixth track ‘Cul De Sac’, a nerve-tingling ballad with a ricocheting beat, droning synth and pleading hook “Oh it’s you and me baby, nobody needs to know”.

The diverse 11 tracks explore boundless soundscapes and emotions, but they’re all held together by Sultan’s tight song-craft. This is not a roots record, it’s an outpouring of soul.

Sultan will be touring this magical collection across 11 cities this September. Details here.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Killer is out now

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