Feature Album: Cloud Control – ‘Zone’

Feature Album:
Cloud Control

Three years in the making, and in spite of countless setbacks, Sydney trio Cloud Control have finally released their highly anticipated album ZONE.

After touring their second album Dream Cave globally in 2013, Cloud Control returned to Sydney, lost a member and decided to make the next album completely on their own terms. Self-produced by Alister Wright, the album is an eclectic collection of sounds that represents the even more expansive collection of objects and locations the band went through during recording.

The ten greatly varying tracks were recorded with an amalgamation of the band’s own gear (someone of it was stolen along the way) wherever they could settle for a moment. Travelling between writers retreats, a facebook fan’s garage, their high school headmaster’s house and an Airbnb infested with cicadas, the kaleidoscope of locations is reflected in the contrasting tracks.

Album opener ‘Zone (This Is How It Feels)‘ is a slow-building, soulful chant that’s equal parts delicate and reflective. Lead single ‘Rainbow City‘ is strikingly different to this, as rock drums and psychedelic guitars combine in indie-rock bliss under Wright’s vibrant vocals. Hidden later in the album, ‘Mum’s Spaghetti’ is a moody RnB tune with a driving bass line, quirky sound effects and a super crisp hip hop beat.

Yet despite all this disparity, the album is unified by Cloud Control’s sharp songwriting and production. No matter what they’re taking influence from, they can always make a track that will get you moving. ZONE is ten highly varied tracks with irresistible groove. The wait is over.

Cloud Control will be touring their magical new album across Australia next month. Details here.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Zone is out now

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