Feature Album:
Client Liaison
‘Diplomatic Immunity’

Listen to mushroom.com’s feature album ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ via the player below.

“Client Liaison offer a comprehensive list of songs that perfectly encapsulate everything the duo are about. This is one record worth putting on the company card.”

— Tonedeaf

Client Liaison makes music, but that music is the distillation of a larger imaginative world, full of
private meaning and reference, which draws on history, fashion, popular culture, art and provincial
symbols for its power.

Client Liaison’s exaggerated sprezzatura doesn’t sound or look like anything real. Their film clips, in
all their variety of styles, from montages to pastiches to anime, have the woozy glaze of summer
daydreams. The music is “faux-fi”, a euphoric velvety confection of house, pop, love balladry, disco,
and techno, each song carrying the impossible sentimental seriousness of having been introduced on
the radio program “Love Songs and Dedications” by Richard Mercer in a smooth baritone on at
10.30pm on a Tuesday evening.

This album is a fantasy. Which is what makes it true. It goes out to you.

Written by Will Heyward.

‘Diplomatic Immunity’ is out now