Feature Album: British India – ‘Forgetting The Future’

Feature Album:
British India
Forgetting The Future

Over a decade into their career, Melbourne rockers British India have released their punchiest, sharpest, catchiest album yet.

Forgetting The Future, the band’s sixth album, opens with explosive single ‘Precious‘, which sets a fearlessly fast pace for the remaining nine tracks. Packed full of blistering guitars and huge doses of angst and bliss, the track is the epitome of British India’s powerful new sound. Teaming up with Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson as producer, British India have reinvented themselves with electrifying hooks, deadly riffs and a call to action for a new world.

Singer Declan Melia explains, “We were tapping into the same ferocity you feel when you first start writing songs as a band … The way I see it, the sound is futuristic but it’s still raw.”

Forgetting The Future is an impressive injection of energy into the band’s familiar laid back, garage sound. Fourth track ‘Take Me With You‘ is the most reminiscent of their previous tunes, as Melia’s distinctive voice takes the spotlight, crooning for company in the same heartfelt way that made classics like ‘Vanilla‘ and ‘I Can Make You Love Me‘ so special. This time, however, the rock band soundscape has expanded with shimmering synths and a dance-inspired beat, resulting in a crisp and polished piece of pop-rock perfection.

Experimentations can be found throughout the album, from the funk guitars bookending the groove filled ‘My Love’ to the wild west inspired intro and choir-like vocals in ‘You’re Not The Future’.

But perhaps the biggest experiment on the album is 8-minute long ‘Absolutely Disgusting’. Bringing the pace down for the first time in seven tracks, the vulnerable slow-burner is gently pushed forward by an electronic beat and layers of atmospheric guitar. Melia’s catastrophising lyrics are simple but profound, making statements such as “You know it’s absolutely impossible to get out of here alive / You’ll get 80 years if you’re lucky before you start to die”. Supported by a magical symphony of soaring and whirring sounds, the endless verses are so immersive you don’t notice the epic length of time go by.

Forgetting The Future is an inspiringly ambitious album from British India, full of risks that well and truly pay off. We don’t need the future when an album this incredible is delivered today.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

Forgetting The Future is out now

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