Feature Album:
Blaenavon –
‘That’s Your Lot’

British indie rockers Blaenavon have finally emerged from the cocoon of youth with their debut album That’s Your Lot. Five years in the making, the boys in Blaenavon had to finish school and battle expectations to construct an album that proves they’re more than just a teen band.

Staying true to their indie-prog roots, That’s Your Lot is teeming with a delicate arrangements of melodic guitars, intricate basslines and tactful drums that are all held together by Ben Gregory’s sensitive vocal performance. The three-piece have filled out their sound since their earlier tracks, creating majestic walls of sound that flourish between soft moments and grand pop choruses. Thankfully, their teen angst hasn’t dissipated yet, as Ben’s voice navigates the deeply personal lyrics with a new sense of emotional authenticity.

The album features great variation between its 12 tracks, from the intensely shoegazey opening track ‘Take Care’ and the vulnerable piano and voice track ‘Let Me See What Happens Next’ to the eight minute tear-jerking ballad ‘Swans’ written when Ben was just 15 years old. A hidden favourite is ninth track ‘I Will Be The World’ which tip-toes into an angry chorus full of raw, screeching guitars that continue to create chaos throughout the song.

Within its 57 minutes, That’s Your Lot mimics the erratic mood-swings of teenagers with a sense of maturity only possible from experiencing all the heartbreak, confusion and existentialism of youth, and growing from it.

That’s Your Lot is out now