Feature Album: Amber Mark – ‘3:33am’

Feature Album:
Amber Mark

Soulful songwriter Amber Mark has released her debut EP 3:33am. Mimicking the seven stages of grief described to her following the loss of he mother, the seven tracks on the EP are a kaleidoscope of nuanced emotions.

Currently based in New York, Amber grew up everywhere across the world, following her mother’s path as an artist. This mixed bag of influences is evident in her songs, as they borrow sounds from a diverse range of cultures and traditions and combine them in surprising ways. Third track ‘Space’ is particularly interesting, as sampled percussion, dance synths and droning Eastern vocals interweave under Amber’s powerful voice.

Amber crafted the EP in stolen nocturnal moments across a two-week period. Living in a cramped New York apartment with her godparents, Amber would stay up till sunrise every night, melding jazz, soul and electronica together with her nomadic experiences. At any point, when she checked the time, it was always 3:33am.

Littered with surprises like rain samples, spoken word, Indian sitar and moments of poppy bliss, 3:33am is an uplifting exploration of grief in all its forms.

Words by Hayley Franklin.

3:33am is out now

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