Feature Album:
Live at Red Rocks

Listen to mushroom.com’s feature album ‘Live at Red Rocks’ via the player below.

“The near flawless set means nothing is hidden away in the mix and everything is pushed to the front. Crystal clear sounds are interspersed with organic crowd reactions and the undeniable sense of oneness bleeds into the output, placing the listener into the action.”

— The Music

Live At Red Rocks is alt-J’s first ever live album and concert film. Recorded at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Morrison, Colorado, in the summer of 2015, Live At Red Rocks captures alt-J in one of many defining moments in an already exceptional career, performing for 6,000 devoted fans. The 75-minute live album and concert film features songs from their stunning debut record An Awesome Wave and its killer follow-up This Is All Yours.

Live at Red Rocks is out now