Why Fat White Family Are The Most Offensive Band You’ll See At Splendour

Fat White Family are straight-up one of the most dangerous acts you’ll see at Splendour In The Grass festival, this year. They are manic and unpredictable, unruly and most likely naked.

Fat White Family are a six piece mess from Peckham, UK who formed in 2011. They are listed as ‘punk’, but tbh, they just fall under a genre that is ‘politically incorrect’.

They are renowned for being offensive as fuck – they thrive off it. The band recently released their second album, Songs For Our Mothers, which some have labelled the most unpleasant album of the year; “the work of a bunch of drink and drug wracked nihilist degenerates”. Past antics include, publicly celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s death and naming their record label Without Consent. They constantly refer to Hitler and violently abusive relationships within their lyricism and interviews, and there’s that one time they threw a pig’s head around the crowd.

In the FWF world, there is no line that cannot be crossed. Lead singer, Lias Saoudi, leaves nothing to the imagination; you’ll most likely see his dick by the end of show, or half way through, who knows.

So why should you feel compelled to see a band that releases filthy songs and boasts a general skid mark aesthetic? Because they fall under the genre of ‘WTF did I just witness’. Their wild onstage presence has quickly earned them the title of being “The Most Dangerous Band In The World” and their lack of general well-being and public-known use of heroin has championed them the band that ‘might not turn up to the press interview because they’ve checked themselves into rehab’.

Their sense of entitlement and zero respect for diplomacy is certainly not absent in their songcraft and demeanor, and it’s unsurprisingly earned the collective a bevy of highly rated reviews from some of the most reputable music publications around the globe. People love controversy and FWF want you to be divided.

Putting their quasi-punk genre of music aside, the one reason to see this group of self-proclaimed fuck-ups is because each show is truly unique and you have absolutely no idea what they will deliver at their Australian headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne this July. And Splendour? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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