We Spoke To Drake’s Production Team About The World-First Stage Get-Up You’re About To Witness

We Spoke To Drake’s Production Team About The World-First Stage Get-Up You’re About To Witness

In case you missed it, the biggest artist in the world is en route to Australia and New Zealand. UPDATE: extra shows have been added in Auckland, Sydney + Melbourne! 

Yeah he promises hit after banger after Passionfruit. But this tour promises more. More lights. More vision. More Drizzy.

We exclusively caught up with Drake’s Tour Director and Designer, Steve Kidd, and Lighting Director and Designer, Guy Pavelo who’ve been preparing for the Aus + NZ live shows since March last year.

They’ve both worked with Drizzy for more than five years to deliver the most hectic stage designs (remember the CN Tower) and to achieve the most non-tourable productions in impossible time frames for multiple tours across North America and Europe.

Both creatives clearly stated the hip-hop legend is “not a fan of giving his show away”, but let’s see what we can uncover.

We hear it’s going to be a world first?

For the first time ever, Drake’s The Boy Meets World Tour will showcase in complete 360 degrees. This is something he’s never done before in his entire career.

“We’re allowing everyone to be as intimate as possible and allowing Drake to do what he does best – work the entire arena,” says Steve Kidd.

“He’s an athlete on stage and it’s our job to create a field for him to work on.”

There’ll be three inner circle stages (fields, if you like) with complete 360 degree view for Drake to work and knee twist.

“We’ve created a design for every seat in the arena,” explains Kidd.

However, the true magic won’t be exclusive to the floor. If you’re across Drake’s most recent international tours, you’ll be privy to the kinetic eye porn floating above the entire arena.

What’s kinetic eye porn?

For Aus and NZ exclusively — that will be over 1000 kinetic spheres suspended from a giant truss that hugs the entire arena. A reconfigured system and newly developed program will see the audience witness an umbrella of illuminated globes that float and fall freely just out of reach.

Tried, tested, and brought to life in a giant hanger not far from Las Vegas, each individual sphere is made from a thin like resin and holds a tiny battery and LED chip inside – controlled and spoken to via wifi.

“The higher you get up the more you get to see and that’s the greatest thing about how the kinetics work, every seat in the house has a different visual area.”

What about the giant globe?

Yep the mega inflatable globe will return and Drake will orbit its illuminating glory. Projected with bright oranges and yellows that transition into blues and greens – its boy meets world, meets us. Of course, there’ll be lasers and all new lighting sequences that will be built into the stage, into the giant truss above and into the ceilings of the arenas.

“This time everything is out in the open. Drake loves the super clean, sharp line approach on everything so there’s so many effects coming from different angles that nobody will know where they’re coming from,” explains Pavelo.

“Australia is going to be the first time the world has seen the kinetic system at this level before,” says Pavelo.

It’ll take an army of people (approx. two 747 aircrafts and a fleet of 30 plus trucks) to bring this tour to life but it’ll be one view and one view only for the viewer. A view from the top.

All tickets to see Drake’s The Boy Meets World Tour go on sale Friday, 15 September via Frontier Touring.

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