Disturbed Are Recharged and Ready

Since American heavy metal band, Disturbed, took an unwelcomed break in 2011, it’s been a hellish ride for their cult-like fans. No one could fully understand why the band, who formed in 1994, were taking a hiatus at the height of such success.

“It was like let’s just step away from this for a bit here, let’s go home, let’s recharge our batteries, let’s have some time home with our families, and our friends… we felt in order to keep things going this strong, we needed to step away from it for a minute,” said Dan Donegan, lead guitarist.

Fans were pissed-off, online music forums exploded and a lot of controversy swirled around the decision. Disturbed devotees resigned themselves to the fact that the band would never make a return.

Until, four years later in June 2015, when the band made an incredible comeback and released a brand new album, Immortalized, showcasing a matured sound which was only strengthen by the decision to take a step back.

“The hiatus ended on a great note. It was never a bad thing, there was never a threat of the band breaking up. We’ve been together so much! This is the longest relationship that any of us have ever had, and it’s like a marriage.”

In a similar matrimonial situation, Disturbed were later confirmed headliners for the annual metal-head convention, Soundwave Festival. That was until the festival was devastatingly cancelled, due to poor ticket sales less than one month out from kick-off. Dreams were crushed, again, until the band announced just last month that they will be heading back to Australian shores in November 2016.

“Disturbed fills everything that I need right now, so we’re just all focussed on this. We’re excited to be back on the road as Disturbed. We’re excited to come back to Australia, and to many places around the world – into interviews, venues – and to see some of these fans that we’ve been away from,” says Donegan.

Regardless of their four year hiatus, the band have somehow sustained an indestructible career spanning over two decades and a fan base demographic close to double.

“It’s a tough industry to survive in, you’ve got to write songs that hopefully people continue to connect with for a length of a career. So with your fans, if they may have been a fan in high school, you hope that they are still a fan when they’re in college, and you hope that after they graduate college, and go into the work world that they continue listening to your music and following the band. So we continue to try to always push ourselves, so we can maintain those fans and then try to pick up new ones of the next generation of kids,” says Donegan.

As for their upcoming dates, the band has hinted a new stage show, making a conscious decision to play a healthy mixture of some lesser known songs together with their monster hits, including ‘Down With The Sickness’ and ‘Stupify’.

Either way, it’s been a long time coming and the anticipation for these show is as heavy as their metal. Tickets are still available here.

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