Celebrating Ausmusic Month

November marks triple j’s annual respect-fest of all things Australian music. Ausmusic Month is one giant celebration, which aims to bring Aussie music to the forefront of our brains and our ear holes.

We caught up with MOSSY, the Sydney-based producer and synth-wizard, who creeped onto the scene with the release of his delicately strange debut single ‘Electric Chair‘, back in February. His debut self-titled EP followed in May, and since then, we’ve been drip fed tiny insights into the self-described Renaissance man, with theatrical visuals and the sparse live show. But now we know he’d be stoked to collab with Kylie among other Aussie tributes.

You can catch MOSSY this December, supporting Melbourne lo-fi lords Slum Sociable, when they hit Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. The combo is perfection.

First Aus artist/band CD purchase?

Freak Show by Silverchair and I was about 11. 

First Aussie music festival you went to? 

First Australian music festival I went to was The Big Day Out in 2005. I think the Killers and Muse headlined. It was OK, except I remember being generally afraid of all the drunk meat heads and aggressive patriotism.

Biggest Aussie influence?

Probably Nick Cave. I’m attracted to the diversity and authenticity of his work. It always feels alive and breathing.

If you could collab with any Aussie artist, current or past, who would it be?

I would like to collaborate with Kylie Minogue. She’s effortlessly cool. I love her sense of melody. 

Favourite up and coming Aussie artist/band?

My favourite up and coming Australian artist is Leroy Francis. He hasn’t released anything yet but I’ve been lucky enough to have heard it all and witnessed it being made and it’s inspired stuff. 

Favourite Aus artist/band to see live?

I always enjoy watching Kirin J. Callinan live. His shows are always fresh and surprising. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Low Life a while back too. That was a show that stuck with me. 

Favourite Aus venue to see live music?

Sydney Opera House.

If you could have written any song by an Aussie artist from past or present, which song would it be?

Nick Cave and PJ Harvey – ‘Henry Lee’.

What is your ultimate Australian-made track? One that encompasses the Aussie way or the Aussie music scene?

Total Control  – ‘Expensive Dog’. Not sure why. It just popped into my mind.