Celebrating Ausmusic Month With Clap Clap Riot

November marks triple j’s annual respect-fest of all things Australian music. Ausmusic Month is one giant celebration, which aims to bring Aussie music to the forefront of our brains and our ear holes.

Coming off the back of a sold out Aus/NZ tour and recently releasing the video for their newest summer anthem, ‘Help Me‘, Clap Clap Riot are about to bunker down to get cracking on their forthcoming third album, set for release in 2017.

Before they settle in to throw down some shiny keys, stirring vocals and a driving rhythm section, we checked-in with the indie-rock collective to talk Ausmusic Month.

Favourite up and coming Aussie artist/band?

Dune Rats are pretty rad, ‘Bullshit‘ is a new one that I like and ‘Fuck It‘ for the classic category. Basically the two with swear words in the titles.

The first Aus artist/band CD you bought?

Probably The Living End’s first record when I was a tween – still a cracker of an album today.

Your biggest Aus artist/band throwback?

The Easybeats have always been a massive influence on us from day 1 – ‘Sorry’ would have to be the tune of choice. We used to cover that in our set for a while.

If you could collab with any Aussie artist, current or past, who would it be?

Probably Nick Cave – he’s just such an enigma and has put out some amazing work over his career.

The first Aussie music festival you went to?  

Why was it great/horrible? I’d probably have to say Big Day Out (RIP) – and it was great. The Strokes and Metallica Headlined that year from memory.

Favourite Aus artist/band to see live?

Tame Impala are pretty mind blowing on a good night.

If you could have written any song by an Aussie artist from past or present, which song would it be?

Reckless by Australian Crawl is an incredible tune.

What is your ultimate Australian-made track? One that encompasses the Aussie way or the Aussie music scene?

It has to be ‘You’re the voice’ by Farnzy. That’s an absolute bangaahh.