Brace Yourself; Birds Of Tokyo Have Returned

Day One (2007) marked the album debut for Birds Of Tokyo. They staunched in with a production style that seeped incredible strength, lyrics that evoked listeners and a vocal presence that poured passion, Birds Of Tokyo were only flexing their wings.

Eleven years later, the five-piece from Perth are continuously evolving. Today marks the release of their fifth full-length record, Brace, a sound that encompasses a darker, dystopic and cinematic direction and a return to their solid rock roots.

Brace sees the band taking on a much heavier sound and diving head first into a darker side of their scene. The ten-track record is relentlessly discontent and dramatically diverse. Fittingly, according to the band the deeply layered journey was created to be played live and shared physically – not just via digital platforms.

Teaming up with producer David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Silverchair), there’s no surprise that the release is as bold as it is abrasive. Colliding thundering guitar tones, fuzzy feedback and daring drum arrangements, Birds Of Tokyo’s production is back with an insanely enjoyable vengeance. Seeping themes of anti-establishment, conformity, paranoia and dislocation into their lyrics, there’s no doubt that they are starting a conversation and inciting others to join in.

Utilising stark visuals to evoke a reaction, the recently unveiled clip for ‘Empire‘ screams that the world is suffering from various societal, man-made diseases. A brooding release in itself, the track’s accompanying video is eerily direct as lead-singer Ian Kenny states, “Every empire has to fall, let’s bring it all down”.

Clearly using Brace as a call for change, Birds Of Tokyo have created their most politically charged, climactic release to date. The past decade has seen the band reach exceptional levels of success with singles such as ‘Plans‘, ‘Lanterns‘, ‘This Fire‘ and ‘Anchor‘, yet despite the various chart slots and critical accolades over the years, Brace confirms the band will make a more important mark than ever before.

Catch Birds Of Tokyo when they share their brand new music on tour around the country this November.

Brace is out today, wrap your ears around it now.

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