9 Things You Should Know About The Making Of ÷ (Divide)

Today marks the release of Ed Sheeran‘s third album ÷ or Divide. Here’s a couple of things you should know before you listen.

–  He wrote ten versions of each song on the new album.

“I had in my mind what sound should be on what song, and which subject matter would be on which song – so I’d write 10 songs for that [idea].

“So there’s six or seven songs about Suffolk, but ‘Castle On The Hill‘ was the best one. And then there was a bunch of wedding songs, I guess, and Perfect was the best one.”

–  Ed and his co-writer would write more than two dozen songs in one writing daily session.

  ‘Shape Of You’ was originally written for Rihanna. But he kept it for himself.

–  Sheeran recently debuted his song ‘Eraser‘ via a channel he premiered his first video on ten years ago.

 The video clip for ‘Castle On The Hill‘ was filmed in his hometown of Suffolk and features pupils from his old high school.

  ‘Castle On The Hill’ was written line by line, by singing into a mic – it wasn’t written down on paper until it was already created.

 UK rapper Stormzy featured on Sheeran’s medley at the Brit Awards 2017.

 Unlike his previous albums, Sheeran never explores the theme of “drunken regret” on ÷ (Divide).

“At first, it was a really happy album,” he says, “then I thought it was too happy so I took some of the happy songs off it. So it’s just a well-rounded view of me right now. Not drunken regret.”

Has he stopped drinking, then?

“No. But I’ve stopped regretting things.”

 This is where you can buy and stream ÷ (Divide) or watch the full interview.