7 Defining Moments Of Justin Bieber’s Evolution

7 Defining Moments Of Justin Bieber’s Evolution

Words by Phoebe Robertson

 The ‘So Sick’ Cover That Started It All

The video that began it all, Justin Bieber’s cover of Neyo’s ‘So Sick’ was the catalyst for a career that is nothing short of a success. The clip resulted in former So So Def marketing executive Scooter Braun contacting the Biebs’ mother which led to RNB icon Usher becoming a part of the Bieber team. The young talent was signed to Island Records in 2008 and the rest is pop history.

‘Baby’ Faced Bieber

Almost 1.5 billion views on YouTube to date, Justin Bieber’s official video clip debut is one to remember. Between his insanely catchy chorus and his energetic pop production, the track attracted immediate attention. Sixteen years old at the time of the hit single’s release, the track blended Bieber’s boyish charm with the experience and street cred of hip hop legend, Ludacris.

When Everyone Wanted Bieber As Their ‘Boyfriend’

Jusin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ saw his fanbase expanding like never before. Offering up a bit of seductive RNB flavour, the track was the beginning of the young artist’s branching out. Making a change production-wise, Bieber worked alongside American singer-songwriter and producer Mike Posner. The collaboration was widely successful and sparked an all new craze for the international artist.

Bieber Proving Himself With ‘As Long As You Love Me’

Stripping his single ‘As Long As You Love Me’ back to it’s acoustics, Justin Bieber absolutely transformed the dance track and dared to be vulnerable. The rendition of the popular tune saw the singer-songwriter proving his vocal tones to be up there with the best of them. The performance scored Bieber the hearts of many and revealed another side to his musical styling. A stunning live show, the exclusive video was viral in no time.

Bieber’s First Female Collaboration

Teaming up with Nicki Minaj could not have gone better for the Biebs. The dynamic and extremely unexpected collaboration was a wet ‘n’ wild way of grabbing the attention of an untouched audience. Reaching #5 on the Billboard Charts, it was clearly a guided decision. The accompanying clip was full of water park fun and even saw the pair exchange a cheeky dance.

Skrillex And Bieber Are Not ‘Sorry’

Taking the title of Justin Bieber’s most viewed YouTube clip, ‘Sorry’ is easily his most successful release to date. The track saw Skrillex step into the studio, resulting in a thicker production than ever before. A part of the ‘Purpose’ movement, ‘Sorry’ saw Bieber climbing his way back to the top and bringing in a brand new electronically-influenced sound. Moving away from featuring in his own video, the US-based artist invited a collection of female dancers in their best retro gear to give the song a crack.

Bieber Jumps Into ‘Cold Water’ With Major Lazer

Ahead of his Purpose World Tour (happening now!), Bieber has worked alongside Major Lazer and MØ to create classic banger, ‘Cold Water’. The latest release to be added to the Biebs catologue is a treat for Beliebers around the world. As contagious as it is concentrated, the collaboration has him placed straight back onto the charts. Constantly kicking goals, the international success story continues to serve up perfect pop productions and collaborate with the best in the business.

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