5 Beautifully Constructed Songs According Sean Heathcliff

After introducing his solo career with his debut EP Kagu Sean Heathcliff, aka ex co-vocalist and guitarist in Snakadaktal, has returned with his follow up EP A Boy And His Rose.  Written entirely by Heathcliff, the EP details the various areas of his past and present life. The singer/songwriter allows listeners to dive into the depths of his deepest secrets, simplest stories and endless, introspective questions via an incredibly passionate delivery. He’s an incredible storyteller and a seasoned song-crafter.

I’m still just trying to write pop songs and learn more about music,” Heathcliff explains of his new material. “I hope they are enjoyable and that listeners can take what they want from them. I don’t want to push my reflections of the songs too much as I believe there is something special and delicate about the relationship between a listener and the music they’re listening to. But I guess the tone of the EP in my mind is just growing while trying not to lose your creative, childish, over-fed, wandering (or whatever slur you wish to stitch upon it) mind.

“After making A Boy And His Rose, I’ve really found a way I feel most comfortable writing and constructing songs, which has made me very itchy to follow up with another release soon.”

In the meantime, we asked Heathcliff to list his favourite constructed tracks.

Martirio, Raul Rodriguez – En Esta Tarde Gris

It’s just gorgeous. It’s like a dance. Her voice, the guitar, keys, bass.

Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat

Cohen could make simple words hauntingly beautiful. This song is also most likely the greatest song ever made. #Fact.

Sufjan Stevens – No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross

Sufjan breaks me. This Album (Carrie & Lowell)  is so open and honest, and in a truly beautiful way it’s kind of painful for the listener. Its not really made for the listener.

Feist – Let it Die

Feist is a genius. Her lyrics turn a great pop song into something real unique.

Arvo Part – Spiegel im Spiegel

I find this song incredibly hard to not get lost in my thoughts. I’m pretty sure it does that to everyone too so jump on in.

Catch Sean Heathcliff in late May when he debuts A Boy And His Rose at launch shows in Melbourne + Sydney. Find tickets here.