Eden Mulholland Is Releasing 7 Songs A Week For The Next 4 Weeks

Prolific singer-songwriter, composer, contemporary dancer, visual artist and director Eden Mulholland has set himself a hugely ambitious project. For the next four weeks, Eden will release 7 songs with accompanying videos every week.

The project, which is called Fusillade, was born from a collection of unreleased material that Eden has amassed over his career. Deciding not to let them go to waste, Eden has created interesting DIY videos for 28 greatly varied songs.

The first week of tunes just dropped and it’s a curious mix of low-fi indie rock, acoustic songs and experimental soundscapes. Opening track ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ is a catchy, jangly tune with a driven beat and melodic hook. A grainy black and white close up of a man’s face slowly changes expression during the song. In contrast, second track ‘I’ll Be Damned’ features intimate acoustic guitar with home-recorded folk vocals, accompanied by dark, glitchy visuals of Eden brushing his teeth, and third track ‘The Cry Overture’ is a sombre, piano-led composition with kaleidoscopic footage of contemporary dancers.

The eclectic collection of sounds and visuals is truly fascinating and we’re sure it will continue to surprise us over the rest of this month. Keep up with the project here.

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